Hands On Healing

I work with channelled energy from my guides and healers in spirit. This energy is directly from the source and my healing team will work wherever it is needed. I am very much guided where I need to go and I do not necessarily need to know the medical history as spirit know what is needed. I am also given specific sounds and tones to use with you as I work around the body. These tones work at a cellular level which the soul understands and helps in the healing process. I will also pass on any messages I receive from spirit for you after the healing.

Distance Healing by Skype

I can tune into your energy via Skype and my guides and healers in spirit will work with you remotely wherever you are. I will also use toning and sound to help in the healing process.

Crystal Light Bed

I was very blessed in May 2015 to receive permission by the entities working with John of God at the Casa in Brazil to bring back a Crystal Light bed to Christchurch. This Crystal Light bed works where it is needed on all levels of the chakra systems –spiritual, emotional, physical and mental and is a very beautiful and gentle energetic spiritual healing system using the power of handcrafted and specially selected crystals. I am now offering Crystal Light bed sessions at my practice in Sydenham, Christchurch.

In person (in Christchurch) or Distance, Skype Healings

$60.00 for 60 minutes

Contact me to make an appointment.