Channelled Readings

ashama_readings1I will tune in and tell you what I hear for you from spirit, this is your guides talking to my guides and I will communicate these messages to you. You can either ask me questions or I can give you a general reading which is whatever spirit chooses to tell you at the time of the reading. My guides are first and foremost teachers and their role is to strengthen and convey the purpose of spirit and the divine realms. They can help strengthen your ability to create the relationship you desire with spirit as well as the life you desire for yourself. The focus of my readings is on the present, your Soul self and creating the future you want.


Orb Interpretations and Readings

ashama_readings2I am offering orb interpretations of your photos by Skype or email.

I have lots of experience interpreting the meaning & messages of the orbs in your photos & I will bring you a beautiful & heartfelt interpretation of the message these beautiful spiritual beings of light have to convey to you. Each orb appears to you for a reason & it would be my absolute delight to channel these messages for you with the help of my guides & teachers in spirit xx❤️



In person (in Christchurch) or Skype Readings or Email Readings

$60.00 for 60 minutes

Contact me to make an appointment.